Solid fragrance is a "new" product that is actually quite old. It dates back to ancient times, but has ngained popularity again in the past few years. Solid fragrance in a solid state rather than the liquid mix of alcohol and water or fragrance.
The substance that gives the solid perfume its base comes from a blend of natural beeswax, butters
and carrier oils that are melted to blend with the essential oil. Rather than spraying the scent,

Skin friendly :
Portable :
Leak-proof :
less wastage :

ingredients: Beeswax, cold press coconut oil, lavender, rose, lemongrass, peppermint, Lava
din, orange, sandalwood essential oils

How to use:

Wrists : Apply to wrists or inner forearm for fragrance that moves with you.

Behind the Ears : If you want to catch a subtle whiff of fragrance through out the day, behind the ears
is our favorite place to use solid body scent or perfume balm.

Neck : No surprise here. For scent that lasts and defines you, apply to your neck, throat and clavicles.

Chest : For intimate fragrance, apply to chest, d├ęcolletage or upper ribcage.

Pulse Points : Behind knees, inner ankles, elbows, back of the neck, armpit creases and inner thighs are
less traditional spots for fragrance, but the warmth of these pulse points makes them a great option for
enhanced body scent.

Beard or Mustache : Because solid fragrances are made from a base of beeswax, butters and oils, they
can be fragrant hydration for beard and mustache. Solid body scent can play a similar role to
aftershave, for the less-shaven.

Feet : You might not think of this one, but applying solid perfume to the arches or top of feet can be a
fun way to carry your scent all the way from head to (literal) toe.


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