In Ancient times, the skin of royal families used to be very clean, fresh & glow, even without any
makeup on their faces, as they use regularly traditional/Natural ingredients that are available in the
nature. Now in Adora, we have combined "the best ingredients of nature" in a cleanser to provide the
Royal glow.
It is in the format of Powder cleanser will give a better deeper cleanse & light exfoliation to gently
resurface the skin every day . Powder cleansers are completely dry, there’s no need to worry that
your cleanser will dry out or go bad, as long as store in a cool and dry place, you will be able to get the
most out of it benefit’s , because of the pure form not added harsh chemicals.

Brighten your skin
Smooth your skin surface
makes your skin radiant
Moisturizing your skin

ingredients: Mung beans, rose petals, Tulasi, Thungamastulu, vativer, wild turmeric,
Indian gooseberry, horse gram, Neeam, rice, lemon and orange peels , sugandha roots

How to use: Take a sufficient amount of Daily cleanser powder on wet palm. Add few
drops of water in it and make a paste. Massage gently over face. Take additional water if
required. Rinse it well.


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